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Experience Atije

Atije is an immersive culinary experience based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our multi-course menus place the diversity and delectability of Nigerian cuisine on display. Our menus are fluid, based on seasonality so that we can offer you our interpretation of local cuisine at its best. We believe that Nigerian food tells deep, interwoven stories that teach us about who we are, and where we are going. We believe that how our people eat has a big part to play in who we are. So we invite you to join us our journey of discovery into how we eat as it promises to be a memorable dining experience.


About the Chef

MoyosoreOlwua Odunfa

Moyo attained a BA in International Business and Culinary Arts at the Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland. Thereafter she pursued a masters in Marketing from London School of Design and Marketing. 


She has worked at restaurants and hotels in different parts of the world such as Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Hofke Van Basel Belgium and Restaurant Veranda Belgium. After moving back to Nigeria in 2020, she started as an intern at ÍTÁN test kitchen and rose to the ranks of sous chef before leaving to focus on Atije. 

In 2021, she won first place in competition aimed at finding the next restaurateur in Nigeria, The Kitchen Nigeria hosted by Lost in Lagos and Mastercard.

"I am inspired by the beauty and bounty of Nigerian cuisine. I believe that through exploring how we eat, we can have important conversations that help us better understand and embrace who we are. I hope you join us on this explorative journey, Atije." 


- Chef Moyo

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